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History: Defunct Leagues & Teams
The Alabama Florida League

Albuquerque Dukes
Robert Smathers

Allentown Ambassadors
Official Site

Altoona Mountain Citys

Arizona-Mexico League

The Atlanta Crackers

Baton Rouge Blue Marlins Fan Site

Baton Rouge River Bats

The Boston Braves Homepage

Brooklyn Dodgers: The Boys of Summer

Butte Copper Kings

Calgary Cannons Corner
Kevin Morrison

Canton Crocodiles
Frontier League

Class D, Blue Ridge League

Expos Historical Society

For the Love of the Game

Forgotten Birds

Hartford Chiefs

Illinois-Indiana-Iowa League

Indy Leagues Graveyard

Iowa State University
Disbanded following 2001 season

The Kitty League

Nashua Dodgers
Nashua Telegraph

Nebraska State League

New York Mutuals Vintage Baseball Team

Newton-Conover Twins

North Atlantic League

Northern League Fan's Guide
Bill Tyler

Oakland Oaks

Ohio Valley Redcoats

The Old Pacific Coast League

Ottumwa Minor League Baseball

Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society

Regina Cyclones
Official Site

Sacramento Solons

San Francisco Seals

Saugerties Dutchmen

Seattle Angels

Seattle Pilots
Mike Fuller

Seattle Rainiers 1937-64

Seattle Rainiers 1972-76

The St. Louis Browns Fan Club

Sulphur Dell

Sumter Braves

Ted Taylors Philadelphia Athletics History Site

Three-I League

Tucson Toros
Pacific Coast League 1969-1997

Union City Greyhounds

Washington Senators Baseball

Washington Senators Baseball Club

Washington Senators Fan Page

Western Canada Baseball

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